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Food | Product

Food and product photography is name of the game for Sebastian Nico.


Having grown up and worked in kitchens, Sebastian has a love for all things food – especially photographing it. His empathetic understanding of the story behind the dish gives his images a unique edge. 


His stark use of light and vivid colours create striking images that tend to play with different textures and feature strong leading lines. Sebastian is also no stranger to a minimalistic style that allows for focus to be drawn solely to the subject. 


Sebastian’s photography style is malleable - he is also able to shoot outside of the realm of food with a proficiency in product and conceptual photography.


Redbull | Pernod Ricard | Food &amp | Home Mag | Mr P Home | The Chefs Table | Moyo Group |  Huletts | Corner Bakery Group | Afros Chicken

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