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Fashion | Editorial | Beauty | Commercial | Film/TVC

Candice is an award-winning freelance makeup artist with over 18 years of experience.
Candice works year-round creating countless Editorial / creative looks for Brands all over
KwaZulu Natal and surrounding areas.  
Candice enjoys the opportunity to work on Corporate

Headshots/Rebranding, Commercials, Editorials and special events.  She continues to

further her learning every year by updating her product knowledge, and perfecting her craft with the latest makeup and airbrush trends.

Candice started her career working for brands such as MAC and Clarins U.K. With her
passion for skincare and artistic skill, she is known for her focus on creating flawless skin. 

Her experience in skincare and makeup has led to runway work at Cape Town Fashion
week. She was part of a team that won Wella Trend Vision and she placed in the top 12 in
the NYX face awards South Africa. Candice has also worked on film / series productions
such as the Widow, Shaka and Konings van Kitskos. She has also worked with local SA
Brands such as Edgars, Mobicel, Lonsdale, Pro Star, Inc Underwear, Jockey, Wonderbra,
Super Sport and East Coast Radio.

Her work can also be seen numerous popular wedding magazines including Future Bride,
Destination weddings magazine, Midlands Meander Bridal Magazine As well as Online
Editorial magazines such as Vogue Italia, Gogi, Mob journal, Ossma, Europe magazine,
bring me magazine , Off Town and Salyse.

Candice loves the opportunity to learn and be creative in a team environment on editorial
and commercial work. She also enjoys glamming up wedding parties on their special day,
and teaching makeup lessons to clients of all ages.


Edgars | Lonsdale | pro star | mobicel | inc (underwear) | Arthur Ford


Online vogue italia | Goji mag | Mob journal | Ossma | Europe magazine | Bring me magazine | Off Town | Salyse

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