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Brandon served time as a senior design lead both locally and abroad, He then ditched his desk job to pursue his true passion for visuals and the moving image. With a vast knowledge and understanding of lighting paired with an off the wall style of shooting, that was the order of the day.

Brandon has an outgoing and positive “can do” attitude on set regardless of the problem at hand, he accept the challenge of pushing the narrative and the boundaries of hiswork, wether it be in studio or on location.

Brandon is now a Durban Based DOP, Photographer & Director that frames up any style of visual brief that is thrown his way.

With over 10 year experience in the industry, producing work for well sort after clients and brands with categories ranging from commercial, fashion, food, product and editorial work.


Unilever | Mr Price Home | The Hardy Boys | Red bull | Edgars | Reboost | Arthur Ford | Vaseline | Cere’s |  Jockey | Sovereign | Jungle oats | Meridian Adventure | Nura Online | Breazies | Glow  | Beauty Gen | Tesalate | Tann line | Tightlines

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